Biopic Medical is The Next generation EMS
Our Automated workflow engine, Big Data analytics and AI connects patients, doctors, pharma and the Knowledge
About us
We have a revolutionary solution for health care transformation. Entrepreneurs with experience in creating IT solutions, top managers, investment bankers, pharmacy and clinical trials experts, leading doctors, all working together to create a product that will change the way health care works. We are focused on sharing the Information and Knowledge between all the players and using it to develop and provide best treatment protocols, drive cost and efforts of new drug discoveries down and shorten the Big Pharma cycle.
To create an ecosystem in which patients can receive high-quality medical care. Doctors could spend more time with the patients, make better and faster decisions, assisted by Artificial Intelligence. Pharmaceutical companies and CROs can do drug research more efficient, and pass the savings to the patients.
Biopic Medical - medical information system based on the latest technologies such as AI, Machine and Deep Learning. At its core is a deep analysis of medical data, treatment protocols and optimized workflow engine.

We believe that unified medical space with the help of advanced technologies will benefit patients, doctors and the whole medical community.

Biopic Medical LLC,
New York, USA